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Your vehicle has to pass a yearly inspection before you can renew the tag and pay the tax.

You can now inspect your vehicle up to 90 days before your inspection due date.

This will not change your due  date for future inspections.

  Your inspection will be due  within the same 90 days every year.

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Only Inspections of Pineville

306 N Polk 

(South Blvd by Hwy 51)

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Emission State Inspections Certification
Pineville  North Carolina

 A happy man in his car - Emissions state inspection certification    

Bring your vehicles to Only Inspections for your state required vehicle inspection. Let us look over your gas or diesel vehicles to be sure they meet the state guidelines for emissions and safety. We test all domestic and foreign vehicles from cars and SUVs to light trucks. Our services are always first come first serve and no appointment needed.  704-889-3333

Emission Inspection~~
Get your emissions testing from us. The state of North Carolina requires vehicle emissions testing to create a clean and safe environment, as well as fresh air for our children and grandchildren. We are the official site for these inspections in Pineville. Take advantage of our courteous and professional service. Our helpful technicians will perform your inspection with a smile on their faces and will also align your headlights at no additional charge.

An older car - Vehicle inspections for cars and trucks

Contact us Only Inspections
Vehicles Inspections for your Cars and Trucks
Pineville, North Carolina.

Safety and Emission

Inspection Hours:

Mon – Fri    8:00am – 5:00pm

Saturday    8:00am – 2:00pm


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